Majestic is a tool I find myself using on an almost daily basis. Great for domain analysis (before acquiring), competitor analysis, pitch work analysis and all manner of other things. But one thing I haven’t done with Majestic until recently is used it to monitor things on an ongoing basis – like a campaign. The recent addition of Majestic Campaigns has been really useful and something I’ve been using regularly, looking at how a client is progressing against a competitor set.

Example of a Majestic Campaign screen

So, I’ve been playing with a couple of the new features in the Campaigns section and now they’re out of beta I thought I’d cover off what they are and how they’re useful. Worth noting these will only be available to Gold subscriptions and above and the launch date is the 5th October.

New Tracking Report Screen

The previous tracking report had a tabbed system which meant clicking between them to see the data you wanted, now it’s all on one screen, much better. Full export options available too for extra analysis.

For comparison, here’s the old screen…

Old Majestic tracking report screenshot

…and the new screen. These ‘movement’ graphs are superb, showing you how the metrics are moving over time – similar to the ones on the Campaign Overview screen.

New Majestic tracking report screenshot

Campaign Sharing

I understand from the guys at Majestic that this was a very common request – the ability to share what you can see in Majestic Campaign view with a client.

There’s two ways you can share a Campaign, either by sending a link to anyone you want to be able to view it (public) or by email invite (private).

To share, just click the small sharing icon that’s been added to the far right of the Campaign screen…

Share Majestic campaign

You can control the sharing options from there – public or private.

Campaign sharing options

Anyone with a free Majestic account or above can view the Campaign you’ve sent them.  You can clone a campaign shared with you by using the ‘Edit’ option which will show you all the usual options. So you could share with a client and they could then set up their own email alerts for example.

Archived & Invitations

Finally, linked to the Campaign sharing features, you now have an Archived and Invitations tab in the campaign area which will show you any incoming Campaign sharing invitations and any you with to delete (items in ‘Archived’ are deleted after 60 days).

Archived and invitations

Have a play, hope you find them useful 🙂