The folk over at have been hard at work restructuring their data centre so they can bring us even more juicy link data! So, what’s new?…

Outbound link data – Internal/External Links & Overall Domains

Previously the tool would show you the number of individual links/domains that point to a URL/subdomain/domain of your choosing. That’s undoubtedly amazingly useful info and something we use almost daily. Now Majestic have added data to show you how many internal and external pages & domains they link to.

To show an example, the screenshot below shows that a site I ran through the beta has a link from the MillionDollarHomepage. On the far right you can see that the MillionDollarHomepage links to 8 internal pages (FAQS, Buy Pixels, etc) as well as 1,040 external pages – a total of outbound links 1,048. Of those 1,048 – there’s 989 unique domains. Really useful stuff…

Title of linking page & language detection

Another nice touch is the addition of the title tag of the linking page – you can see this below on the lovely Neil Patel’s site…

Also in that screenshot you can see the new language detection function working, the small ‘EN’ below the TrustFlow figure denoting that it’s an English language page…not sure they’ve installed a bullshit detector yet 😉

Responsive design

Finally, the design of a page layout has changed, with a new wider default view – see the comparison below:

It’s not quite fully responsive (due to the sheer amount of data they need to show I suppose), but who’s looking at tonnes of link data on their mobile?! You? Me..? Yeah OK, that would be useful – one for the future maybe 😉

You can read the full announcement on the Majestic site.