So Thursdays are normally fairly standard, but today I received a hardback review copy of ‘The Avengers’ – edition 24 of the new books from the Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes graphic novel collection. This a new collection published by Hachette Partworks – it looks like they’ve done a great job too.

A new format?

Whilst many of us will be used to reading comics in comic form, these hard books add a feeling of maturity and substance. My eldest son, 4, is superhero mad – he loves all, Marvel and DC. His first reaction to seeing this new book was, “oooh Dad, what’s this big comic?”, so it’s clear it still retains a strong comic feel. The book itself is certainly a solid and attractive thing – it’d look good on any collectors’ shelf and the 60 books in total all have unique spines which, when ordered correctly, creates a scene featuring a selection of Marvel characters, very cool.

The whole collection is worth around £500 so it’s probably been put together for fairly serious collectors, or it’d make a great future gift for a child who’s too young to enjoy it right now. I’ll work on the wife 😉

Storylines & quality

In terms of the content, the two stories included in this first book are The Coming Of The Avengers and Ultron Unlimited. A good mix of old and new, and the Ultron story will obviously have some synergy with the next Avengers film due out in 2015, Avengers: The Age Of Ultron. The imagery in each cell is reproduced beautifully, the colours leap off the page and makes flicking through the book a joy.

As someone who enjoys the world of Marvel but doesn’t have a collection of comics, I can see myself spending time with this book, showing certain bits to my son and probably keeping it for him when he’s older (some of the content is unsuitable for under 15s).

I think there’s something to be said for reading comics in comic form, but, if you want to access the world of Marvel comics without having to trawl the web to acquire hundreds of comics -either at auctions or through back order – then I think this is likely to be the next best option. Plus it’ll look great on your bookcase if you end up collecting the full set 😉

You can see more about Marvel’s Mightiest Heroes at

Competition Time!

For a chance to win the entire collection just head over the the website and tell them who you think Marvel’s Mightiest Hero is. Not as easy as you might think 😉

In the end I chose Iron Man.


For me the heroes with genuine super powers are amazing, but it’s the people like Pym and Stark who stand out. They have to work harder and smarter. No super powers but hugely intelligent, enough to create their own ‘might’. Stark edges out Pym just because I like the suit better 😉 He can fly, fire energy pulses, has super strength and the power of Jarvis – all built into that glorious red and gold suit designed by Steve Ditko. Without Iron Man there’s no War Machine either. Plus, he’s a founding member of the Avengers, and they kick ass.

But the vote is still live, have your say while there’s still time 😉