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Month: February 2018

2018 will NOT be the ‘year of voice search’…not by a long shot

We’ve heard it before about mobile or video…this year will be THE year. The year it matures, comes of age – becomes a key ‘marketing tool’.

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5 reasons why Google My Business “Questions and Answers” needs to stop. Now.

I have a growing hatred of Google’s “Questions and Answers” feature for Google My Business. Let me tell you why. We (both SEO folk and general web users) do a lot for Google I think. Granted, they do a lot for us – but they have some of the brightest minds on the planet teamed with machine learning and near-unlimited computing power. Some people using Google don’t even know if a zoo is a zoo. I’m not kidding. Read on.

1. It’s Google wanting us to do their job for them. Again

So we’re over here either making information more accessible to them – putting it online in the first place, marking it up as they want, ensuring Google can discover it – or, we review things, let them use our location data, identify areas of images for them…these lists could go on and on. Now with Q&A on GMB – we’re having to either provide answers to some pretty silly questions, police and report dodgy questions or promote good questions. I don’t think we should have to.

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