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Month: September 2017

Sitebulb Launches with Crawl Maps, Hints & Much More

If you’re in SEO or a related field you’ve probably got Screaming Frog at your disposal – maybe a cloud based crawler like DeepCrawl too. Well there’s a new kid on the block.

He’s installable, a little cocky and not afraid of a swear word or two…

…Meet Sitebulb

From the minds that brought you URL Profiler (Patrick & Gareth) comes Sitebulb – a web crawler/auditor for a new age…a 280-character-limit, potential-nuclear-war, trumping & brexiting hell of an age.

From the horse’s mouth, their aim with Sitebulb is:

To help small agencies and consultants do amazing technical SEO work, at scale, using desktop software.

And, whilst it’s sometimes hard to get people to shift over to a newcomer when the incumbent (SF) has such a strong level of adoption – I genuinely believe Sitebulb will have no trouble picking up a tonne of customers at all levels. It looks good, isn’t expensive, works really well and has all sorts of cool stuff to make your job easier and your clients happier (note: Patrick offers this as a personal guarantee if you pay the money and sign up…I *think*…)

So what cool stuff is there to play with I hear you ask…?

Crawl maps, oh yeah!

My absolute favourite are the Crawl Maps. Check it out…

Cool, huh? The map above shows a client site, the atom-like blob to the far left is the homepage surrounded by product/catgeory pages one hop from it, and the hub to the right is their blog. The long ‘whips’ coming off the blog show pagination in action.

This stuff is hard to visualise, you can mess about with other tools to try and get somewhere close, we’ve used Gephi to do this in the past, but the crawl maps in Sitebulb are much more accessible and faster to get to. Without visualising a site structure you can miss things, not fully understand why Google’s doing what it’s doing, and that’s never good :/

Hints are actually useful *shocker*

Hints are probably underused in most SEO tools by the intermediate to expert level folks. Why? They’re usually dumb – or at least not intelligent (the hints I mean, not the folks) and so by simply following what a hint or statement is saying verbatim you can fuck things up. Lots. Entry level SEOs get themselves in all sorts of pointless arguments with devs by ‘telling them’ what a tool has told them 😉

The hints in Sitebulb are better. They just are – download it and try it for yourself.

Fianlly, the release notes are honest & hilarious

No more boring, “Bug fixes” notes…oh no my friend. Patrick has made the release notes (long may they continue post launch!) into a joy to receive and read. You know what they’ve changed, why they’ve changed it and who’s fuck up it was 😉 Plenty of puns, in jokes and references. Please have a play with it and drop the guys a line on twitter if you have any questions.



Majestic adds outlink data, title & language detection

The folk over at Majestic.com have been hard at work restructuring their data centre so they can bring us even more juicy link data! So, what’s new?…

Outbound link data – Internal/External Links & Overall Domains

Previously the tool would show you the number of individual links/domains that point to a URL/subdomain/domain of your choosing. That’s undoubtedly amazingly useful info and something we use almost daily. Now Majestic have added data to show you how many internal and external pages & domains they link to.

To show an example, the screenshot below shows that a site I ran through the beta has a link from the MillionDollarHomepage. On the far right you can see that the MillionDollarHomepage links to 8 internal pages (FAQS, Buy Pixels, etc) as well as 1,040 external pages – a total of outbound links 1,048. Of those 1,048 – there’s 989 unique domains. Really useful stuff…

Title of linking page & language detection

Another nice touch is the addition of the title tag of the linking page – you can see this below on the lovely Neil Patel’s site…

Also in that screenshot you can see the new language detection function working, the small ‘EN’ below the TrustFlow figure denoting that it’s an English language page…not sure they’ve installed a bullshit detector yet 😉

Responsive design

Finally, the design of a page layout has changed, with a new wider default view – see the comparison below:

It’s not quite fully responsive (due to the sheer amount of data they need to show I suppose), but who’s looking at tonnes of link data on their mobile?! You? Me..? Yeah OK, that would be useful – one for the future maybe 😉

You can read the full announcement on the Majestic site.


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