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  1. Fantastic work, Will. I’ve been having some cookie law FOI fun myself and will be reporting it soon.

    I found it quite interesting that ICO did not release a list of the sites that were reported, as they did with their 2012 report. What we learned from 2012’s list was that cookie law complaints were largely vexatious and ad-hominem, for example, George Osborne and Nick Clegg both had their constitutency sites reported.

    I’m left with the impression that for ICO, cookie law complaints are their crank calls hotline, with only the occasional legitimate issue cropping up amongst the spurious complaints filed by disgruntled competitors and axe grinders.

    1. Agreed Heather. The whole sorry mess should never have been thrust upon us. Let me know when you publish your FOI details and I’ll happily give it a share and add it into this post if it’s linked to the info I have (I imagine it will be?) I can easily see competing sites reporting each other, as well as people reporting sites they’ve got a grudge against for any other reason. Thanks for commenting!

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